Rushcutters Bay boot camp.

One among the most challenging time in a woman is to restore their fitness after delivery. Most social and extracurricular activities of the mom are put to a top for a while.images 6

With all the mommy duties of feeding the baby changing her diapers and bathing the mom may be too tired to do the exercises.Having a small kid is not an excuse not to get fit anymore. There has been a development of exercises that include the baby in the Rushcutters Bay boot camp.

Some effective exercises that are taught at the baby boot camps.

The baby hip bridge

In this, you lie backward folding your knees. The feet are lying flat on the floor. You keep your baby safe by putting her on your hips and holding her with your hands you can exercise your body by lifting your hips up and down.

Baby crunch

It’s more like the hip bridge but this time, you place your baby on the belly.


Stand straight hold the baby under your arms in front of you. Squat as if you are sitting down. This improves one’s heart rate and also works on strengthening your shoulders.

Other exercise benefits rather than losing weight include;

Mood improvement

Exercise help release some chemicals in the brain which studies have shown to be mood lifters. Like for example how in movies, people take walks after heated arguments. They later come back ready to put the argument behind them. That kind of relaxation is provided at the boot camp.

Improvement of cardiovascular activity.

When you are working out your lungs and heart can function well. Nutrients that are produced from food and oxygen in the body are transported faster to where they are needed. Doing this boosts one’s energy and their performance improved.

Sex life improvement

There is a tendency for good performance in bed for those persons who work out daily. During exercise one can sustain more energy to give a good time to their spouses.

Research has shown that there is an increased sex drive in women who do a lot of workouts. People tend to get disheartened when they do a lot of exercises and do not lose weight. At Rushcutters Bay boot camp you get an opportunity to achieve your goal of getting to your desired weight.

There are many advantages of losing weight, but you should not be discouraged if it happens slowly. You need to persist because your body is getting healthier .