Paleo diet for athletes

images-6A lot goes into preparing an athlete before competing on game day or race day. The preparations are in many regards a crucial part of the competition process. At the top of the list of factors to be considered is the diet regime adopted by the athletes before and during the competition stages. Since different foods have a different effect on the body regarding energy provision and influence on performance, the right athletes should strive to get the right nutritional balance.

An athlete’s diet and in general his or her food affect several elements levels, body mass and their endurance. It is vital of each athlete to be on a strict diet ensuring that he or she optimizes their body performance and fine tunes every muscle.This will see their body perform at the highest level during their respective competition.

Among the few diet regimes that have being put forward for performance optimization is paleo diet for athletes.

Paleo Dieting At A Professional Athlete Level

On a professional level, the demand for energy output varies considerably compared to what the early man needed. A lot of energy is required during exercising and the actual competition. For athletes, a paleo diet needs to have some balance where they can consume carbohydrate to boost their energy levels.

Such a diet should take into account the cyclic energy required by the athlete. Primarily, the athlete can consume a paleo diet with energy deficiencies occurring. However, this is not the scenario when the athlete is exercising, and this is where some bending takes place.

before Exercising Or Competing And During The Exercise

Before engaging in any energy-demanding activity, it is recommended to consume a moderate amount of glycemic index carbohydrates. This boosts the athlete’s energy level considerably and maximizes the athlete’s performance. During extended sessions of training, the athlete can consume additional carbohydrates supplied in sports drinks. This helps to sustain energy levels during the entire exercise.

Recovery Stage

The recovery stage is defined as the period right after the training up to the period the next the practice session. Immediately after the training, an athlete should consume proteins and carbohydrate in the ratios of 5:1. This ratio should decrease with time and eventually be reverting to the strict paleo diet plan.

How do athletes benefit from paleo diet?

Paleo diet is said to help athletes recover energy quickly after high energy expenditure. Foods rich in protein such as fish,lean beef and chicken .They are rich in amino acids which help athletes recover their energy much quicker.