Effect of impotence on relationships

fhd-6When a man has Erectile Dysfunction (ED), it affects his relationship. The man will feel guilty and embarrassed. So, he won’t talk about it with his partner. ED has a direct impact of a marriage. Research indicates that one in five marriages due to ED.

The most common issue with ED is that people fail to make advances sexually. These have effects on intimacy, trust and closeness. The man withdraws both physically and mentally. The partner starts to feel that the man is losing interest in her. The man starts to show signs of frustration by not being able to complete the sex act. Partners may worry that their mates may be impotent with them, but potent with another person. This leaves them with them with fantasies of betrayal and infidelity.

When a man loses a sexual relationship due to ED, either of the individuals may choose to withhold their partner from any other type of sexual experience. Men experience rejection and lack of empathy from the partner. So, they divert their attention to other things. Impotency is a screen for more serious emotional problems. So, the relationship issue must be give priority in this case. The couple may need to visit a sex therapist or a marriage counselor. This is an appropriate time for a man or the couple to be referred to a marriage counselor or sex therapist. This way you can open up about sex-related problems.

Having ED not only affects a romantic relationship, but also affects the relationship with others like friends and coworkers. A man may lose his confidence and stop enjoying life. Productivity at work may decrease. The worker/ social relationship may be affected. ED is something that cannot be discusses openly. So, men often feel left alone. This is a major reason why the ED goes unnoticed for many years. If you are unable to move up the chain of command or cannot cope up with the financial expenditure, then your sex life gets affected. Any kind of stress, anxiety and depression can cause ED.

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