Does science support psychic abilities?

Psychic abilities are discussed within parapsychology rather than science. Scientists have done research to find out if these abilities have any scientific explanation.

According to science, psychic ability cannot be measured as it’s not an exact science. Many people question whether psychic ability exists or not. Many people think it as a good ability to guess things. There are various online tests that measure if someone is psychic or not. In these tests, people are asked to guess shape of color that is hiding under a card. The results indicate whether they have psychic ability or not. But this kind of questions doesn’t measure proof of psychic ability.clairvoy-6

The fact is that being psychic doesn’t mean that the person can predict the future. It is the ability to sense things beyond the five senses we have. Not all psychics can tell about the future. Some psychics can give exact details about someone’s past, medical conditions, etc. They can even give information regarding people who have passed away.

Our ancestors used other means of communication before there was any verbal communication in place. They just knew how to do things and avoid dangerous situations, etc. They just knew things instinctively. This ability of doing things instinctively has weakened over the years. Some school of thoughts state that instinctive ability or ESP is a progressive trait. But the theory of psychic abilities believes that ESP is actually recessive and it remains active in some individuals only.

Scientists are trying to find logic behind such abilities. But it is possible that they are measuring the wrong traits. Many people think that psychic only have the ability to tell about the future. Psychics also have the ability to accurately tell about the activities and lives of people they have never met. But scientific researches are not conducted on this aspect of the psychics.

Now more people have started believing in the abilities of psychics even though no concrete scientific explanation exists. Online psychic readings are becoming popular. People from all over the world can take readings from famous psychics in the world online. You will find hundreds of psychic websites which provide online psychic readings. Many of these sites are scam. They take money from clients without giving them proper readings. If you decide to take a psychic reading, you must choose a renowned site so that you don’t fall victim of a scam. More scientific research needs to be conducted in this area.