Causes of snoring

There are many reasons why people snore. Being overweight is one of the reasons as the extra fatty tissue compresses the air passages. Drinking alcohol before going to bed is another cause. Smoking can also cause snoring. Some people have allergies causing their airway to get blocked. This leads to snoring.

It is possible to prevent or reduce snoring. Changing our habits like not exercising, drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, etc. can help us reduce the intensity of snoring or even prevent it altogether. Changing the sleeping position can also have positive results. When you sleep on your back, your tongue and soft palate blocks the airway. You can use extra pillows to prop your head up while sleeping. This will stop the tissue in your throat from falling into the airway.You can try to elevate the head of your bed just like in the hospitals.snoring-6

If you are having snoring problem due to nasal congestion, then you should take an antihistamine. You can use nasal strips which increase airflow by opening up the nostrils. Nasal strips are available in most drugstores. You can gargle with peppermint mouthwash. It will shrink the lining of your throat and nose. You can also add a few drops of peppermint oil to one glass of cold water to get the same result. Some people can go an extra mile to stop their snoring problem. They use a neck brace while sleeping. No matter how crazy it seems but it actually works as it keeps the chin extended so that your throat doesn’t bend. As a result, your airway remains open. Instead of using a stiff plastic brace, you can use soft foam. These are available in most drugstores.

If there are dust and mold in your house, then it may increase the chances of snoring as they cause nasal stuffiness. You should change your sheets and pillowcases regularly to get rid of allergens. In case of some people, snoring is a seasonal problem. You can drink three cups of herbal tea. This can improve your airflow if you drink it before bedtime. The effectiveness and safety vary among anti-snoring remedies. Not all remedies are suitable for you. You should consult a doctor before taking a particular remedy for your snoring problem. If you or your partner is suffering from snoring problem, then you shouldn’t take it lightly. Snoring can cause other diseases like depression, diabetes or heart disease. So, consult a doctor if the problem doesn’t get away.