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We found for you top Ayurveda treatment centers in Kerala

India has long been a destination for those seeking medical attention. These are attributed to its magnificent medical facilities and highly skilled medical personnel. Kerala is one district that attract a large number of visitors. This state has a lot of ancient places that are transformed into Ayurveda centers. The superb environment creates a mood of tranquility with the atmosphere inducing wonderful calmness that plays a huge role in effective treatment.

Kalari has a spectrum of resorts and treatment centers that range in terms of cost and facilities. Most of their Ayurveda treatments are effective, but money buys you comfort. With the hundreds of treatments centers availed in might be quite cumbersome to settle for the best. From the number of positive reviews, availed facilities and credential of serving staff I have narrowed the top 5 Ayurveda treatment centers in Kerala which you should give a higher consideration if you are seeking for a one in a life time experience.

Kalari Kovalakom palace
Kalari Kovalakom was built in the 19th century. The place is known to adhere to a strict protocol such as individually prepared meals and treatment conducted by kind and very welcoming staff. This place is free from liquor, air conditioned, TV and cell phone use. A holistic approach is used in treatment hence the combination of a spa, Sharma and Ayurveda hospital. Customized treatment is conducted by competent doctors with physicians instructing yoga to ensure a healing from within and without.

Kalari Rasayana Venad
Located beside Lake Kollam this resort is highly recommended to those with no money restrictions and seeking Ayurveda treatment. The building itself is a traditional palace, and the lake view creates a breathtaking view all the day long. This area is also well linked to waterways and encompassed with swaying coconut palms. Yoga is instructed at day breaks and sessions taken in the pool. It allows the use of cell phones only in your rooms.Visitors get to enjoy local traditional dances and music performed during the interactive sessions.

Carnoustile Beach Resort and Spa
This is a five star hotel located on Marari, a resort with forty villas. This villas have private pools, spa and other facilities which range with your pay. Multi cuisine restaurants are used to serve delightful menus to visitors. Under this magnificent restaurant candlelight dinners are served under special arrangement.

Nattika Beach Ayurveda resort
It’s located in a beautiful landscape dotted with coconut palms. This exotic resort is designed with ethnic Kerala architecture where serious Ayurveda treatments are conducted. It’s also built with the multi-cuisine that enables one to have privately enjoyed the sea breeze and twilight.

Shin shiva ayurvedashramIf you are looking for Ayurveda treatments to unwind your body and mind, this is the place. The center is well facilitated, and Ayurveda are conducted in a very professional manner. Other ailments such as paralysis, arthritis and sport injury are treated.