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imag-6From celebrities to low income earners, they all want tone thing, beauty .The demand has led to advanced medical procedures that are safe, fast and affordable. Here are some of the popular procedures in beauty by The Sea in Newport Beach (educational mingles by Dr Joseph Bivens ) -check our website and Facebook for more info . The cost of all the procedure depends on the surgeon and the location of treatment.


The procedure is also known as sculpting and helps in removing pockets of fats that do not conform to an ideal body image. As people age or after pregnancy there is weight gain which damage the body image. During the procedure, Dr Joseph will vacuum the fat out through a small incision.

The patient may report swelling afterwards on the sanctioned, but the pain disappears after several healing days. The recovery depends on how much fat was removed.

Eyelid surgery

As one age, the eyelids becomes baggy and loose. With the procedure, the eyelid will get reshaped, but fine wrinkles remain. The swelling may last for a while with bruises disappearing within ten weeks. Other common discomforts from the procedure include blurry vision and dry eyes. The cost ranges between two to four thousand dollars

Breast implants.

Breast implants are saline filled bags slid between the chest muscle and the breast tissue.The implants can also be placed between the chest wall and chest muscle. One should be able to do simple task two to three days and bath usually in a week. The cost of such implants is three thousand dollars and vary with the surgeon and clinic.

Nose jobs

There is a myriad of procedures done on the nose. Some may be due to deformity and another aging. In the second case, the skin is peeled and the structure of the nose altered. The procedure focuses on bone and cartilage found in the nose. After the procedure, one need to stay put for some days to avoids bruising and swellings. The cost is 4000 dollars, average.


The skin sag and wrinkles with age. Facelift help to stretch the skin to tighten and smooth it for a younger look. Minimal swelling and bruising may be experienced after the surgery , lasting for two weeks.

Botox injection

The procedure is used to smoothen the frowns and wrinkles around the eyes. There is no major recovery in this operation.

To undertake any of the above surgery consult your doctor first.